Hogwarts: A History IV: Phoenix Lies

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THIS IS A SEQUEL TO SEVERED TIES! The Marauders' fourth year is anything but boring! Terrifying? Yes, dramatic? Yes devastating? Yes, boring? No. There's a traitor amongst the Hogwarts staff and students, students are going missing (muggleborns and purebloods alike) and it could be the end for one of Hogwarts' favourite Gryffindors
arty_writes arty_writes 3 years ago
Regulus is always up to something! I wonder what he's planning this time!

You should totally upload again soon. =)
arty_writes arty_writes 3 years ago
So when you said you were writing a sequel, I didn't imagine I would be reading it the next day. =D

This is great! =D Off to the next chapter! =)