Kill My Boyfriend

[Winner of the Science Fiction Watty Awards 2012] Counting down the days until you have to kill your boyfriend is unpleasant, especially for young Cyan who was genetically engineered to be a simple projection of what the leading creature of the universe should be. He's a soldier. Nothing else. He's expected to follow the orders given by his creators without questions asked. But after he makes the threatening decision to save his boyfriend instead of killing him like it had been planned a year ago, he begins to find out things about himself and the people around him that begs the question . . . what is the truth?
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someone took this story idea and writed a pewdiecry of it... It's not exactly but pretty much the same story..
Or the perfect vampire Cuz you don't gotta suck blood, Cuz these are all things a vampire has
Great Intro! (Claps to the beat of Applause) You live for the appluase applause applause.
So is this book illumaniti or just a secret organization? I dont mind at all because so far this is amazing but I was just curious thats all :) ❤️
@Milkymonster22 there's science involved in this book so nothing is ever weird or crazy no matter what you read.
@sweetcandy64 finally you're reading this story! After trying to convince you into reading it for more than half a year that is.

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