The Bartender's Counter

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sincerelydeep By sincerelydeep Updated 10 months ago
You are walking the streets of New York when you see an old door. On it is a small sign that says "The Bartender's Counter". 

You are tired. 
You are sick. 
You are desolate, poor, angry, hurt, unloved, and really in need of a drink.

So you push the heavy door and find yourself in a dimly lit bar.

You seat yourself on the counter and come face-to-face with an Asian bartender who's name tag says "Felix".

"Hello, what would you like today?"

This is a collection of poems that all have titles that are named after drinks you can order in bars. 

Inspiration comes from, obviously, a bar.

Make your orders in the comments section, or have the bartender decide.
This is a great exploitative set of poems; I'll defiantly add it to my reading list (: good job so far though!
LanceRedanican LanceRedanican 3 years ago
Free verse, but I liked it. Especially the recipe mix at the bottom. Haha. I'm not a drunkard but I drink casually. Good work. Well done.
knightwriter knightwriter 3 years ago
one of my favourite drinks--this poem is pretty good too..Love the lines "the counter has seen tears...."   Interesting concept for a series of poems and can't beat the recipes to test out for warm summer nights
Joyeuph Joyeuph 3 years ago
This is an out-of-the-world kind of idea and not a bad one! You completely lost me there as I dont drink. Sorry...
Zachrock Zachrock 3 years ago
Interesting, not the usual love story or romance poem, :) I liked it in all honesty and including that Gin Fizz recipe was cool.
cherrybear cherrybear 3 years ago
I've never heard anything on a bar at night before. I've never been in a bar at night but here I could  visualize it in my mind. Kind of reminded me of a movie I'd seen once or a few movies at that. Pretty good job <3