From the end to the beginning, Hes my lifesaver.(One direction)

Kailee Marie was involved in a terrible plane crash.. Her and the boy behind her (harry styles) Were the only ones that survive.. This was before harry was apart of one direction.. he didnt even think he could sing that good.. So kailee convinves him to go on the X-factor with her.. But what happens when a day before the audition Kailees cancer comes back? Will harry still chase his dreams ... Or stay with his bestfriend?
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@lalaworld1  i said i didnt no it was a harry styles wuv story. i just looked a sum1s comment then tapped on it then it brought me here!  like a teleporter :0
omg this is great when i saw the name harry styles i didnt even click it was a harry styles luv story till now...
Great Chapter! Can't wait to ead more.  Oh and btw I love your cover for the story :D
It's so sad that her family dies in the first freakin chapter.....if ya wanna call it that or the well anyway enough ranting Great Chapter! :D

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