Secret Forbidden Connections

Valina is now the new queen of the vampires. Daren is now the new king of the werewolves. Everything so far has been at peace between the two races until suddenly people from their races started disappearing. Their people are against each other and quickly planning war. Daren and Valina, however, know that it is something, or someone, else who is causing the problem. How will they be able to work together secretly without anyone else knowing and stop this evil force?
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This intro pulls me into the story. It leaves me wondering, which is good! Voted (:
Very well written. Nice dilogue. I love the whole concept, it seems to flow nicely *Thumps up
I'm not much of a fan for Vamp stories but your was actually interesting, a nice spin on off the norm, well done!
Intro isn't really explainable. So, I'll read more to comment about it. Till now it is good :)
I have a lot of suggestions, and this is going to be really long. So, I will private message my critique to you. :)

This was really, really good! It has a really, really good believable back story and the names you've chosen for your characters are just gorgeous!

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