Secret Forbidden Connections (slowly editing & plot changing)

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mimi17143 By mimi17143 Updated 3 years ago
Valina is your average, everyday, eighteen year old vampire. 

Besides the fact that she's now the queen of the most powerful vampire coven, of course.
As queen, Valina must keep the peace between vampires and werewolves in her community; which seems easy enough.

Until suddenly, creatures from both races start disappearing. Both races blame one another for the disappearances of their kind. Valina, however, has a feeling that a greater power is at work that is causing, both vampires and werewolves, to disappear. 
Valina, along with her best friend and assistant, Leala must team up with Daren, the new werewolf king and his assistant, Philander, to stop the evil force at work to bring back their people.

Is it possible for vampires and werewolves to work together? Could Valina possibly stop this mysterious evil force? 

She's definitely wiling to try, no matter what it takes.
CookieCruncher CookieCruncher 3 years ago
This intro pulls me into the story. It leaves me wondering, which is good! Voted (:
KnowItAll KnowItAll 3 years ago
Intro isn't really explainable. So, I'll read more to comment about it. Till now it is good :)
Corinder Corinder 3 years ago
ooh, wow, what a great hook to grab readers in! :) Short, sweet and to the point. <3
So vampires aren't dead in your story? That isn't a negative thing... just my brain going 'Oooh, so THAT's how this is'
TillyDevereux TillyDevereux 3 years ago
OOh, this a short, gripping prologue! It makes me really want to read on!
SumireHime SumireHime 3 years ago
I wonder how old the character is o: I can see she's trying very hard to be what she is expected to be even from this. That's a good start of this character's development. Yes, it is very ominous. I do wonder where its going.
NicoletteAndrews NicoletteAndrews 3 years ago
Very ominous. It makes me wonder who is talking to her in her sleep.