The Fight For Her Love (Werewolf Romance)-ON HOLD!!!

Jace is the second in command of his best friends pack. Surrounded by the people who love and care for him, Jace still feels completely and utterly alone. Why? Because the rest of his pack members have found their soul mates but Jace hasn't. Love sick and searching, Jace heads to work like any other day, except tonight is the night that he meets her. The other part of his soul and his heart. After a night of teasing and heavy flirting Jace feels like he can do anything. But when he meets her again he discovers that she isn't by herself. GiGi, has been away traveling the world with her boyfriend for over a year. When she arrives in a small town where she's supposed to meet up with friends, she happens to meet the very sexy Jace. She instantly feels something for him, but the fact that she's in love with her boyfriend, Vince holds her back. Will she be able to resist the pull of her mate or will Jace make the choice for her?
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please upload soon! I love this story so much already! please upload soon! dnt leave us hanging!!!! its the best on wattpad!!!!
Okay here is the thing......
UPLOAD PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry sugar rush!
aww poor Jace his mate is with someone else. Why do I get the feeling GiGi's boyfriend is cheating on her or something like that? hmmm.  Really good so far :)
Oh no she´s already with someone... I don´t think that will really stop Jace so I think it´s best for her to break up with Vince as fast as possible xP

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