The Meaning Games {book one/complete}

BOOK I: "Girls, who's up for playing a game?" Avarie Castelo likes to play games. Usually they're meaningless, only to satisfy her boredom. But this new set of games, they're different. There's a meaning behind these games. One larger than her friends could have expected. But every game has a twist, and every friend has a purpose. Every contestant must remember to never underestimate how powerful one girls personality is, the outcome will change your life. It can either haunt you or praise you.
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It does sound like Pretty Little Liars/ The Lying Game. But I don't even care. This is Brilliant!!!! Loving it so so much! :)
What does it mean "who knows what game theyll play next?" was there a book before this becuase I just started reading this
I'm in love with this story. ♥
I couldn't help but pictured Avarie as Alison in Pretty Little Liars thought you said it was pretty similar to it. :)
Yeah I have! Literally cant wait, so caught up in it already. Love pll and this i must say beats the books! Keep the good work up xxx
Kinda skeptical it sounds a lot like the games books by Sara Shepard especially with the whole Thayer thing, but I'll keep reading for know
:O Definitely a story one-of-a-kind. Wow. Very awesome. You are creative person, I see. :)

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