Closets Aren't Just For Clothes...

<<Previously; I'm In Love With My Best Friend...Did I Mention He's Gay>> There's only one guy that has never showed any interest in Emi Aldridge, Matthew Fletcher, her best friend. Of course, it's completely too common that she's in love with him, but hey, the heart wants what the heart wants. When Matt tells Emi he's gay, she's totally crushed, but as his best friend, she has to support him and is doing everything she can to help keep his secret and save his reputation, even if it means losing hers...
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Da fauq why does she need that much money bish my mom leaves a 20 and leaves
My mom once left her credit card and my bro spent so much money and she was like never again
You know how to spend money.... And I applaud you for it. *claps* WAY TO GO!
I'd buy so much freaken pizza. Like, just think about how awesome it would be to call a pizza place and be like "Yeah, could I get 23 veggie pizza, 7 with everything, 20 with pepperoni, and 10 with cheese.... and a sprite?"
Can you please please please pretty please update this story. I started reading it and I'm hooked but I didn't know it was incomplete /: its been 2 years...please please pleaseeeee ?
Its been two years you have so many unfinished stories on here. i don't get it.. why start something then stop. i get life happens but you have started other stories...

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