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You see, It all started in a library. Mia Hastings always seems to get in trouble from her cocky and sarcastic attitude. So when Aiden Cash presents himself, she knows everything there is to know about him. Well or so she thinks. When the hottie heart throb get's an unlikely interest in Mia, she knows how to deal with his cocky, rude, and sarcastic manners. How hard can a bad boy be? The only problem is Sterling Parker, her brothers best friend. Mia has had a crush on forever and thinks he might be the one. When suddenly he takes an interest, Mia can't believe her luck. So when two guys enter her life at the same time, she has to choose which one is the one to be hers. Everything is fair in love and war. Or so they say. But what Mia doesn't know is secrets can make or break someone. And falling in love has never been so dangerous.
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No grammar nazi zone! I repeat no grammar n- whoops to late ^ .-. F*ck grammar. If you understood what she was trying to say then why correct it?
I would probably punch a guy if he did that to me...or laugh and close the window
Believe me. Believe me. I'm the only to get the job done. I don't know anyone else that could cover for me.
Oh my Dad! Oh my Dad! Oh my Dad! Jensen Ackles is Sterling! I love Jensen/Dean!! And Misha/Cas! And Jared/Sammy! SUPERNATURAL!!!
Oh yeah? Well mine are rainbow coloured, beat that! They really are rainbow coloured, not plain, boring brown at all.....
Yaas and also I'm the type of girl you wanna chew all of my bubblegum I'm sorry but that came to my head when she said I'm the type of girl

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