The Chronicles of Time - Book 1: The Prince of Time [Completed]

"Oh, boy. How should I start this? Right. My name is Anthony Trace, 14 years of age, typical guy, typical clothes. Seems normal, huh? My life did seem first glance, but that changes when I accidentally enter a magical world full of magical beings...and monsters. Don't forget the monsters." Anthony Trace is a young 14 year old boy who discovers a realm within our own. Althea, a small country that resides in the middle of the Pacific. In Althea, 4 kingdoms live in peace, and in one of those kingdoms Anthony gets enrolled into a school for kids his "type" and he discovers that he can harness 2 powerful elements: Time and Space. Anthony lives in his newfound home, but before he gets comfortable, war broke out and the fate of the Country goes to no other but him. Together with friends and enemies, Anthony looks for a way to save the Kingdom throughout the planet, from Asia to Europe and to the underealm where darkness awaits...
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Of course things are gonna get a lot worse. It wouldn't be an epic fiction piece if they didn't.
I can just see the elevator music and explosions right now. Someone show this to Marc Webb so he can direct it! Or maybe Sam Raimi.
I dunno how football works either, Anthony. 'Cept when the Niners are in the playoffs. :)
The chapter is really good. The way you describe things is fairly vivid and really really entertaining. Very good stuff :DDD
@TomorrowsSeeker oops! Didn't see this reply before I posted comment on last chapter. Always try to help when I can :) it really is an amazing story!!!
Just started seems like it's going to be a great story line!! Can't wait to keep reading :)

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