Dangerous Love

On the inside Alexia is broken and damaged from years of abuse, when she starts to like Angel she had already taken a vow to never love again. But when Alexia's world comes crumbling down around her again Angel is the only one there to take her mind off of her problems. What will Alexia do when she finds out Angel's big secret when he brings more trouble into her life then she already has. Can she handle his dangerous life style? A little danger never hurts anybody, or has it?
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I don't really like sad stories hoping this won't be too sad. But right now I like how you wrote it. Good job.
Well you honestly see stories like this most of the time on Wattpad so try to be more original? I like your detail, though (:
The intense emotions around all this wasn't that surprising but the building of character relationship seems to show now.
That's quite shocking!  Escaping the pain seems to bring change in her life.  Drowning in alcohol and going with the flow.  This girl is totally relatable
This chapter could have been longer, you need to give a lot more detail - what do your characters look like??

Needs work, but you are off to a good start.
You have a very attention grabbing beginning! The way you let your words flow so smoothly got me wanting for more! I'm off to the next:)

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