The Hunger Games: The Musical

The Hunger Games, a phenomenal series by Suzanne Collins that truly captivated everyone on an international level, takes a twist into the unusual land of everything musical. So enjoy, my friend, sit back and relax in the theatre, grab your popcorn, for The Hunger Games: The Musical!
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Listened to the song as I sang this to my baby sisters hahahahahahahahahaha :'D hhahaahhaahahah
you are so talented! haha
i like you're writing style :)
too hooked in you're story ;)
Your a genious....I have a song I would just die if you would read/ sing it and respond.
Oh my gosh, this is such a cool idea! Is it alright if I make a Divergent musical kinda like this? I'll use different songs and give you credit obviously ^_^
I have the song from lay miss (The missable) I don't know the name the of I think it's call I Had A Dream melody stuck in my head while singing
When u said I would've starved to death I started busting out laughin OMG that was soooooooo funny. I'm telling my friends about this.

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