A Week Was All It Took (One Direction Fan Fiction)

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Peter's Wendy❤️✨ By Peter's Wendy❤️✨ Updated 12 days ago
Zoey accidentally gets stuck in a tour bus with One Direction. Every fans dream come true right? Well shes not a fan. She doesn't like them. It seems as if she's the only girl in the world that is immune to Direction Infection. But what happens when she starts falling for 1/5 of One Direction?  Can she stay immune to Direction Infection? Or will she soon catch a cold for them too?
ida been like thanks if u like my name u should see my phone number
guys can u check out my story "A Situation Like This" ? Thanks, love y'all xx
it's not creepy till you know there blood types. 

I want a her as my best friend. My best friend is the one who wouldn't do this, I'm the one who would.
Freak in' A they have a problem! That is the Understatment of the year. ;)
OMG MY FREINDS SAID THAT IT WAS HIALRIOUS the sublect was if we ever met harry styles wat would we say