A Week With Five Sex Gods (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Zoey accidentally gets stuck in a tour bus with One Direction. Every fans dream come true right? Well shes not a fan. She doesn't like them. It seems as if she's the only girl in the world that is immune to Direction Infection. But what happens when she starts falling for 1/5 of One Direction? Can she stay immune to Direction Infection? Or will she soon catch a cold for them too?
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This is an amaZAYN story! ;) please continue it! (I'm not forcing you or anything) ~e
Yeah but if Paul's there they wouldn't have to worry about a thing! (Though she sounds scary...) @cindykariem
Why didnt just finished this book? :( This is a really great booki really admire your book
Can you please update we've been waiting for like half a year anr I really like the story so please dont give up on it now
Holy chips... Shet gets real! XD

Wait... if someone is threatening to break down your door, you don't open it! RUN FOR YO DAMN LIFE.
This is so awesome right now! I absoluetely love this story, considering I'm a huge directioner! Please update!!

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