A Week Was All It Took (One Direction Fan Fiction)

Zoey accidentally gets stuck in a tour bus with One Direction. Every fans dream come true right? Well shes not a fan. She doesn't like them. It seems as if she's the only girl in the world that is immune to Direction Infection. But what happens when she starts falling for 1/5 of One Direction? Can she stay immune to Direction Infection? Or will she soon catch a cold for them too?
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I've been looking for this book on wattpad for like a year now since I read some of it on the computer. Thank god I found it! Absolutely love this book
this is so true because I'm a fan but not a die hard fan and I get so confused when they start crying and sh*t like da f*ck
You basically described me and my friend. I have blue eyes and blonde hair and yep my name is Cassie :3
ιм υρѕєт ѕнє ɗιѕѕєɗ тнєм ℓιкє тнααт. вυт ι ℓσνє тнιѕ αℓʀєαɗу ʝυѕт ѕтαʀтєɗ ʀєαɗιηg
@GabisLovesCastle read this whole chapter, then tell me who "Cassie" reminds you of
@Just_Bailey_Here idk Bailey are we thinking of the same person? *cocks an eyebrow*

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