A SHORT STORY FROM THE 1.2 BILLION PEOPLE SERIES It was the 26th night of November 2008. It was the night which changed the mind set of every Indian across the globe. It was the night where people got lost, and lost. It was the night in which India cried her heart out. It was the night… which started the murder of approximately 164 innocent lives and the injury of over 300. This is a story that shows why this isn't just an attack on south Mumbai, but the whole of India. A story that shows what people actually went through. A story that shows why this is no less treacherous than the 9/11. A story that touches lives..
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I wonder why I never voted for this! :|

I am so sorry for that! 
Here I am voting for all your chapters now!
yeah, i meant those kind of topics only.. 

i just got done with 12th! waiting for college! :P 
anyways best of luck for all the school exams and stuff! :)
yeah.. it is frightening to relive it all again.. and as a Mumbaikar, it frightens me even more! 
anyways continue writing.. and i will continue reading! :D
I absolutely LOVE this cover! It's so artistic, and its sweet+simple, which makes it really pretty :)
Wow. I was literally yelling at them to get out of taj but completely forgot that the station had been attacked too! And her best friends die:(
@TheSahazinator It was a good idea!  I'm glad you added it because it made the story better. :)

No problem!  I'll be getting to the last chapter soon! :D

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