Princess Constance

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AloeKingslet By AloeKingslet Updated 2 months ago
"What must I pick? Obligation to my country or to my heart?" I asked myself. Scared of what would be my answer.

This is a story about a princess/heiress of a European country who ran away from her kingdom in fear of not meeting her one true love and found it when she least expect it. :)
ebonylight01 ebonylight01 3 years ago
Great and hooking introduction. I love her name. nice plot, off to reading more :)
ymarocks ymarocks 3 years ago
@AloeKingslet Your story is awesome. It really got me hooked. Well written also. I like it. Nice job! Voted!
cedia98 cedia98 3 years ago
Interesting... I like it! I like how it's set in the more medieval times. :3
Tania_Re Tania_Re 3 years ago
First chapter hooked me. The plot is original with its own way. I feel sad about her mother :(.. anyway, i love the descriptions and im going to read more :D
novelisting novelisting 3 years ago
Definitely not you're usual princess story so far. There's a couple spots where your grammar and wording are off, but nothing that's huge or really sticks out as bad writing.
sKandal sKandal 3 years ago
first princess story that i've read that isn't cliche in anyway, very original and breathtaking!