Princess Constance

"What must I pick? Obligation to my country or to my heart?" I asked myself. Scared of what would be my answer. This is a story about a princess/heiress of a European country who ran away from her kingdom in fear of not meeting her one true love and found it when she least expect it. :)
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Great and hooking introduction. I love her name. nice plot, off to reading more :)
@AloeKingslet Your story is awesome. It really got me hooked. Well written also. I like it. Nice job! Voted!
First chapter hooked me. The plot is original with its own way. I feel sad about her mother :(.. anyway, i love the descriptions and im going to read more :D
first princess story that i've read that isn't cliche in anyway, very original and breathtaking!
I'm in true love with this prologue. Adorable, brief, gives background, first line drags you in. Awesome possum.
This is an amazing first chapter :)
I like Constance's character she seems cool xD
The idea of the journal is cool :)

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