In His Arms (Larry Stylinson)

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_1DLightsUpMyWorld By _1DLightsUpMyWorld Updated 2 years ago
When Louis admits on live television that he loves Harry, things start to get tricky. Harry loves him too but they are both scared of all the hate they will get. Then Liam starts liking Niall, who doesn't want him. Zayn is the only one to put back the pieces of the band. But can he fix their damage?
my-tiny-sons my-tiny-sons 8 months ago
I don't know if it's a coincidence or not , but every 1D fanfic I read the boys always refer to Niall as a leprechaun its quite funny really :)
saaaruuuh saaaruuuh 2 years ago
the fact that my name is Sarah makes this story 11369939154802010835434336190 times more better than it already is. awesome work!
WhenImBacon WhenImBacon 2 years ago
Hi! I like this a LOT, but I was wondering if you're going to continue it? Great story, love .xx
LoveableMadison LoveableMadison 2 years ago
Check out my page? I LOVE THIS STORY.
morganbieber227 morganbieber227 2 years ago
I love your writing so much! Do you think you could look at my story I'm new and don't know if mines good or not.
hannahshereagain hannahshereagain 2 years ago
ohmigod i cannot stop laughing at how he just stands up is yelling at him GO LGBT COMMUNITY!