Beila (1812)

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SleepyZombie33 By SleepyZombie33 Updated 3 years ago
*Historical Fiction, 1812* 

A series of letters addressed to Beila, written by her father, who is a French soldier during Napoleon's invasion of Russia. He retells his experiences to her. 


Writers Note: Just and idea that came into my head, the two characters (Beila, and Jacques) are fictional. Each chapter is relatively short, but that's the way I want it to be. I apologize for any historical inaccuracies.
NicoletteAndrews NicoletteAndrews 3 years ago
Oh the optomism of the beginning of war. I like this concept it's very original and intriguing. My only note would be the part where he describes his own daughter to herself seems a bit awkward but otherwise I got a good sense of how he must feel leaving his girls behind.
KristenPaige KristenPaige 3 years ago
This is beautiful so far. It's unfinished, I hope? The only typo/error I noticed was in the first paragraph: "your sister's" should be "your sisters." That was the only mistake that jumped at me. I'll be adding this to my library for updates :)
mimi17143 mimi17143 3 years ago
i could feel his emotions through this letter. i feel bad for the guy. really good job the history part is really good. i actually enjoy reading history novels
mimi17143 mimi17143 3 years ago
wow very nicely written. it feels as if it is a real letter written from back then. good job on this one
Jisabella Jisabella 3 years ago
Beautifully written, so believable with all the right use of words and structure. Your knowledge of when and where things happened also adds to the story.
Qwerty94 Qwerty94 3 years ago
Again, I like how you conveyed the emotions he is feeling and you furthered them by sharing a memory he has of the girls. Will all the chapters be in the form of a letter? Just make sure you don't make it repetitive, like don't explain similar stuff in each letter.