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Killing: an act of love so sweet your body falls victim to such an ecstasy the staccato of the heart bursts your very soul and you perish into the stars above like so many unfortunates who have met the one called demon. Beau, Violette, Diana, Josephine, and Saya are demons who snatch the lives of the living to live themselves. Killing, loving. But what is to kill as is to love? What is a human, what is a demon, what is an angel, or even to live? A journey through human history from Ancient Asia to the Roman Empire to Victorian England to Bohemian Paris to modern Japan and much more, the demons tell their stories as like to a lover's ear. {I'm not trying to scare you. I'm just trying to write something beautiful. This is not horror, really. I don't know how to describe it.} Note: The stories can be read separately or together. Many of them are one-shots, or constructed to be stand-alone even if they are connected to the overall plot. So you really can choose whichever one sounds most intriguing to you, whether by character or time period or country, or whatever you want really. Can't get enough? Read "The Demon Stories Companion", full of sneak peeks, explanations, weird things, and even mini Demon Stories:
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Very good! I like the way you're very descriptive.Might of put in a bit too much exclamation marks.But anyways very good. 8/10
I love your descriptive writing and this was a great start. I love how you go backwards in History.
@SumireHime Oh, I'm sorry there were just a lot of them and I guess I missed it. I'll do one on the correct story
I wanted to start from the beginning so I didn't get confused when reading a chapter further on in the book...
That's really talented of you to create a wonderful chapter like this. I can't wait to finish reading the whole story. :D 

Nice job, and long live writing! ^o^
Great short story, really good from beginning to end and it keeps you engaged with the description and sentence structure you use :)

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