It happened one night

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hafsa_indie By hafsa_indie Completed
Susan's parents are out of town and she is alone with her friends when she is visited by an unexpected stranger.....
ewaldron30 ewaldron30 2 years ago
I loved this story! Poor Bruno! This scared the shiz out of me though!
JaredFalcone JaredFalcone 2 years ago
Awesome! Good job on this story I think you should make a sequel(:
queenieB queenieB 3 years ago
Oh my god, what a dramatic twist! This story is defo the best I have read on this site. What happened to Bruno though? Did they bury him? Nice story 5/5. XxxxxX QueenieB
realmesneha realmesneha 3 years ago
This was a very good thriller, better than babysitter (:P) Btw, i want you to write more horror stories.
IWantAHoranHug IWantAHoranHug 3 years ago
Why Bruno?!? The people, whatever, but the dog??? (tears, tears) Haha JK this was awesome though!
becareader432 becareader432 3 years ago
That was really good! im in a hospital right now so i was freaked out because there could be a person like that here too!