Ouran High School Host Club: Hikaru and Kaoru Love Story

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KatelynMaeB By KatelynMaeB Updated 2 years ago
This story is in Hikaru's point of view. When Haruhi's cousin comes to Ouran the twins find themselves in a completely new situation for them...true love?
You spelling senpai wrong.. It's commonly mistaken for sempai because of the way it sounds when it's being pronounced.
Christini_Popelini Christini_Popelini 5 months ago
Well I'm not surprised if it's Tamaki's ringtone... He's quite girly
Organization13 Organization13 6 months ago
Only seems right for one of the twins having it as the ringtone xD
AkyraKoizumi AkyraKoizumi 3 years ago
@NaUMILesleyy  AGREED! MORE KATELYN! MOOOORE! and hehehee 0/////0 Anna's mommy has the same name as me!!!!!