The Annual Pen Pal Project

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You can call me Bec =) By You can call me Bec =) Updated 2 years ago
Debbie is a bit boring, nothing super special about her. She's completely average and now she is take part in the first annual Redshire College - Harrington High Pen Pal Project designed to create connections and lessen the strain between the local private and public school in the area. Does it actually work?
Add a bit of romance, school drama and random notes, hopefully this is not as awful a book as it sounds...

Inspired by Jaclyn Moriarty's Feeling Sorry for Celia series
I'm really interested in the style of your story. I haven't read many works that are formed in notes/letters/texts/etc. I'm excited to read more. Great way to give characters their characterization without blatantly throwing it out at the beginning of the story!
@7Friday i really like this idea, if I wasn't so dang busy I would read it right away, but you have been libraried and fanned. Great job.
Interesting...puttin up the story in letters and notes..
Enjoyed reading it !!
i thought it was spelled as lasagna, like bologna, lols, i know weird. Other than that, it was just as fun as reading other people's private messages lol:)
I'm off to the next one!
Love the beginning - its a realy creative way to introduce a character :D
It's a really interesting set up! I was a bit confused at first but once I got into it, I absolutely loved it! (That's what she said?)

Anyway, great job!