I do believe (Sequel to *I never believed. Now I do*)

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_Mswriter By _Mswriter Updated 2 years ago
This story continues the great adventures of Lily and Damon. What will happen after Klaus is back? And Lily and Damon are human's again! So much will happen, so be prepared for a great journey when you follow them :)  ~~Enjoy~~
RebeccaGoodman RebeccaGoodman 2 years ago
i found it, going to read it.... please not another hanger over?
TayJadey TayJadey 2 years ago
"You must have been touching her whilst she was still human" *thinks about  chapter 50 of the previous book* No they weren't touching they were in different corners of the room *wink-wink*
TayJadey TayJadey 2 years ago
so happy you made a sequel! FAN-GIRLING right now! ahkjk'ghjkfdfvgb
SerinaLeeDawson SerinaLeeDawson 2 years ago
i just finished the 50 chapters before this sequel sjnlasaljew i can't wait to read this!! xD
DanniiEagle DanniiEagle 2 years ago
Omg please continue writing this I am seriously loving this series!!! Xx
yolanda0981 yolanda0981 3 years ago
Omg loving this. Can't wait for more. You are a great writter. Its inspiring me to write again xx