Faith is Stronger (Harry Potter Fan fiction)

“When I believe in something; I fight like hell for it.” – Steve McQueen The Gryffindor Lioness and the Slytherin Prince. Complete opposites…or so it would seem. Jaclyn Grace has always been bestowed with a particular gift. Faith. In her family, her Hogwarts house, her beliefs, her friends; if there was at least one redeeming quality, she believed in whatsoever it may be. And then there’s the dashing Draco Malfoy. There is no need for words here, now is there? I invite all who look upon this to have the courage to click “Start Reading” at the bottom and delve yourselves into this amusing, heart warming (or as my friend Mimi would say, “mushy love stuff”) tale of Faith, Love, and War. Come on, I double dare you.
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I know how you feel, my oldest sister died this year on my younger brothers birthday, but they're in a better place now.
Is it really to annoy Hermione, or did you just say that so you can get let off by those annoying people on wattpad people call the grammar police?
I'm so sorry it must be hard. Remember she's in heaven watching over you and waiting for you guys to be reunited again.
Well.... Since you double dared me to..;)!!! 
 going to read this now!! Sounds supper cool!! =P
The numbers correspond to ages,  36 is Harry's in the epilogue, and 116 was Dumbledore's at the end of book six.  :-)
I love it so amazing I love Jacky, she's the best!!!  the way she helped that first year it was sooo cute!! <3<3<3<3<3<3

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