Ecstasy - A Collection of Saucy Short Stories

This book is a **COLLECTION** of short erotic stories. Hopefully reaching out to a number of people, no matter what your sexual preference is. The first story is about Isabella, a young woman who has just come out of a serious relationship which ended with her boyfriend cheating on her. She enters a coffee shop and meets Rachel, a vivacious red head, who would love nothing more than to show Isabella that she doesn't just have to look to men for satisfaction. More stories will follow Isabella's after November 2012. **WARNING** This selection of stories are aimed at those 18 and over. If you are under the age of 16 I would not advise reading this due to the intense sex scenes and bad language. You have been warned!
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Okay. Take your time. I hope it's as descriptive as this chappy. Can't wait. C: I love Risabella. c:
Omg. Again, another good chappy. I wish it was longer. But, you got me wanting more. Hurry up and write more to pleasure my pervy mind. c;
I love how I can totally imagine the scene with your great descriptions....makes it so much better!
Nice.. Wish it was longer though. I'm not a fan of girl x girl but this story intrigues me. Keep it up!
Passionate+full of desire= A story I absolutely have to continue reading! Can't wait for more
Omg, Why? Why must you deny the hormonal perverts out there? Please update! I'm itched to read it. *breaths heavy* This was hot. ;o

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