A Penny for Your Thoughts

A collection of poems that I've written through the years. I let my emotions guide me and spill whatever is in my heart and mind. I do hope you enjoy reading :)
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I'd pay people to take some of mine. The word penny and the name, I like it so much. 

This is lovely, just be, just be.
I think its well written and i loved all of it xept the last three lines ddnt flow as well. Other than that it ryhmed perfectly and is an inspiring poem:)
This is really sweet :D I can never get things to rhyme or have flow but you do it so well!! Omg I love it..
@AutumnThorn no problem. can you read mines too? and tell me what you think of it? :)
I love this one! (I'll comment on the forum as well!). Coud you send me this one through email? (inkymagazine@hotmail.co.uk). 

set your mind free. screw society. don't be a zombie. ~ gotta love that part. it's moving.

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