The Best Thing For Me.

~! The last ten chapters are UNAVAILABLE as this book is currently in the process of being published (shout out to BLVNP Inc) and due to copywrite issues, had to be taken down. Sorry for any inconvenience. The chapter "We're Getting Published" provides further details. Thank you. !~ Emma Ross is a hard-working, quiet girl who tries to stay off the radar. It's all going okay for her until she starts getting along with one of the 'It' boys. Having this happen, comes with drama and pain, is it all worth it? Or it is just best to stay out of it all? As Emma battles with the conflict, which will she choose? It might just be the best thing for her... © 2013 by LaurenJ22. All rights reserved.
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Sydney white and she's the man and the Cinderella story and a part of the vampire diaries... Really?
so scary to study in us if the girls or students  behavior are like that, is there some truth to your  story?
My drama teacher got a concussion from being hit on the head with a volleyball so she should probably get that checked out..
Call them the 6 chicks! (If you have watched '13 going onto 30' you will understand this)
You do not just simply THROW AMANDA BYNES' HEAD INTO THE LOCKERS. even though Emma isn't really Amanda Bynes and just looks like her...
How can u let her do that to you??  I'm disappointed in you Emma thought u could fight but obvs not...

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