The Weasley twins and me!

My life isn't exactly butterfly's and rainbows. My name is Electra Black and am the daughter of Sirius black. Since his imprisonment i have lived with Remus Lupin. Having been expelled from beauxbatons i had to go to Hogwarts where i met the two funniest guys in my life, the Weasley twins.
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is pigfarts supposed to be similar to hogwarts? You know, pig to hog, farts to warts lol
@EmJbookreader I know that, I just wanted to point that out, in case she missed that fact or didn't know it. I'm just trying to help.
@DoubleSoda no, lupin taught 3rd year. Nad eye Moody taught 4th. He was the traitor.
You cant CHOOSE what animagus you want, it's a reflection if your personality, like your patronus.
I love this book but if lupin was coming to teach and she was in Fred and Gorges year shouldn't she be in her 4 year and 14?
Wait... In AVPS when they were talking about the infamous Hogwarts jaguar... Were they talking about Electra?

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