What? I'm Kakashi's Daughter?? And I'm in Naruto???

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_Zone666 By _Zone666 Updated 2 years ago
This story starts with a girl named Hasu Riley. One day while she is watching Naruto with her brother, Hasu gets sucked into Naruto's world and becomes apart of it. She learns that she is Kakashi's daughter and that she is one of the most powerful ninja's in the world; but tell don't her that just  yet:). Along the way she learns how to love and open her hearts to others once again, but she also learns that for every piece of happiness you have, darkness is not that far behind
Hit_It_Bitch Hit_It_Bitch 2 years ago
I like this story so far but I'm just commenting to say. That's the first Time I've seen someone use the name Tammy in there story who isnt putting me in there stoy. just saying. if you haven't worked it out my name is Tammy :D
sweetamanda sweetamanda 3 years ago
This book is great! But there's alot of grammar errors. All single 'i' should be capitalized. You don't say 'i am not following them', you say 'I am not following them'.
You need to capitalize all of your single I's >.< Sorry if I'm being a nerd. XD
Akira3 Akira3 3 years ago
Man this book is awsome please update more i really like it :) and how old is she actually in the anime?