Tall, Dark and...Hairy?

It's not everyday you're viciously attacked by a rabid wolf. Had I known that today would be one of those kinds of days I wouldn't have worn my favorite cardigan. As it was, my grossly expensive, highly treasured, white cashmere cardigan was now a torn to pieces bloody mess. I didn't know if the pain I felt in my chest was for my ruined top or because of the fact that five very sharp claws were currently wedged into my heart.
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Ha! I love it, all this crazy stuff is happening and all Jill can think is: 'Oh sexy man!'
I like your book!   but carmon and Luke confused me you might want to go back a pick one name
wow i would've been just as confused like who the f are you lmfaoo great chapter though!
I love Hannah Simone and I loved the beginning! I'm hooked by this and I don't read books like this at all! Great job!

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