Really Love? (a One Direction Fan Fiction)

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Bridget grew up next door to none other than Harry Styles. She always encouraged His singing career and him her art. But after spending 2 years without each others company, Never missing one night time phone call, they start to realize it may be more than a friendship, Harry Attempts to set Bridget up with Louis, though the two have never met in person. There is no doubt it is Love at first sight.
I found this story because I was writing "Drunk One Direction" on google and you're cover is i there and I clicked it and... here I am! Really like it :)
                                    PS- I was searhing drunk one direction on google because niall was drunk last night and it was really funny :D
@CesisLoveNH ME TOO!!! everyone i was with jumped at that part.... and i wasn't paying attention to the screen because my cousin was making a lot of noice with her candy rapper and i was getting ready to tell her to stop and out of nowhere they mutts came!
hahaha!! :D I love Effie too.... Peeta, Katniss, Gale, and Prim!! :D lol I cried lots after Rue died!!
Effie??? are you reading The Hunger Games??? :) lol... that was a FANTASTIC movie!!!!!!!!!