Summer Rain

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awesome4evah By awesome4evah Updated 4 months ago
[Includes Something about Summer & After Rain]

Raine Evans had everything.
Okay, maybe not.
So she avoided her problems a bit too much and didn't have the best past, but she was happy.

Then summer came.
What started out as a crazy challenge and a devious, match-making best friend turned into an unconscious game of hearts. And somehow, everything she had been running from became inevitable.

Three years later, it's all still broken. Forever had became just another seven letter word, and moving on was the only way to go. Until a chance meeting puts everything on pause.
But no one's really ready to try again. After all, things are so much harder the second time around.
kemberleyx kemberleyx 10 days ago
I really wish I hadn't read the trouble with love before this
lovebooks1217 lovebooks1217 a month ago
Before i start reading the book, i feel obliged - don't know why - to tell you that out of some 100 books your introduction is the only one (i found) doesn't give details about the book it just gives a very i mean very interesting broad range of what the book is going to be about<3
IAmNumberTwentySix IAmNumberTwentySix 7 months ago
Trouble With Love brought me here...It was the first one I had read...And I loved it...Hope you'll update soon !! I wanna know what happens, but for the mean time, I'll be reading thiis !! :D
anugaur anugaur 7 months ago
One of the best books I have read so far......definitely going on my fav ones
fayeeealexis fayeeealexis 8 months ago
I thought Rain and Kaden will be having Why did they adopt Elsa?
xBehindTheCurtainx xBehindTheCurtainx 8 months ago
The trailer is amazing, as well as the cover. I love the idea you have so far. This is definitely something I would read.