What would you do if your new boss if your biggest enemy in school? Popular girl Andrea Robinson has a big secret: she's actually very poor and has to work her butt off to maintain her lifestyle. But when she finds out that she's working for Alec Blaze, the school's most despicable player who dumped her bestfriend 2 years ago, as his maid, her life is completely turned around. 
    Alec finds absolute pleasure from annoying the hell out of her, and often she finds herself trying not to beat him up into a mush. But what is actually Alec hiding from everyone? Why he is such a different person at his house? 
    Most importantly, why is it getting harder and harder to hate Alec freaking Blaze?
I agree cause studies and video games come before any dude...unless he plays video games with me
I would know. When I first read this book  #rereader) I was reading it on a 4 XD
*facepalms* obviously this book was written a long time ago. When the 4s was new XD. Sometimes, people's stupidity real cracks me up XD.
That what I was thinking! Everyone is like #teamapple
                                    And I'm all like  #nobodygivesafûck
"You... you really thought... I was going to pay you? Oh you dumbàss!"
Five years later people are gonna be all like "wow, these nìggas had the 6? Lol I got the iPhone 300."