[ Old Work] Luna Weasly The Lost sister of Harry Potter

Luna weasly is adopted into the weasly family yet there something that not quite right. the news from dumbordore will change her life forever. Will she ever have a family ? will she ever have the guy she loves and will she ever have her brother back ?
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umm, the way you wrote it, there was some typos, but apart from that brilliant!! :)
@Purplewolf  okay thank you it will do that I would already be doing that but I right it on my iPod lol x
yeah it's really good ive only read the first chapter so far and reading the next now. Thanks for reading I really appreciate it!
hey can u read my harry potter based stories please! Theres three but even read one if you have the time! Thanks :D
Itz good update soon read my book itz Harry potter and Sami riddle voldemort's daughter 
This is really good well done can't wait to read the rest ;) x Go Jade/Weasly Lover hehe x

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