The Perfect Target

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_CookieMunstas By _CookieMunstas Updated 3 years ago
Meet the Mafia's prophet, Alexandria Button. Beautiful, charming and completely clueless of her assignment of becoming a target for Cory Dellert. The number one man's son in the drug and money cartel all around Fresno. Alexandria has to make Derek fall in love with her. But little does she find out that she's actually falling in love with him.
miss_owl miss_owl 2 years ago
That was really interesting. I can't wait to find out how the characters parents died! Keep up the good work.
Nuray16 Nuray16 2 years ago
Its good writing, but you should really make your chapters longer, more detail always helps but good job nonetheless! It looks really good :) Voted
FallenSnowflake FallenSnowflake 2 years ago
I feel so sorry for your protagonist. That's truly sad. Passings always make me cry. I love the way you conveyed the emotion. Just convert the period in the dialogue into a comma, and it's absolutely perfect. Voted. :3
Kept_inside Kept_inside 2 years ago
I rally love this story it has a great plotting and the details are amazing :))
shicaraj_ shicaraj_ 2 years ago
As bad as this sounds, I do have a soft spot for parents death! Its terribly sad but i think it makes for an excellent story and really gives the main character something to get up from! BRAVO

unknown23 unknown23 2 years ago
her dad already died on the first chapter, its so heart breaking but the way you described it makes the story start off as strong and very interesting! i can't wait till she meets the mafia's son! great start!:D