Nicole and Sophie in MCRland?!

So, nicole hated life... She was your average emo, depressed teen who despised every living thing on earth. Her music and her best friend sophie were her only escapes to this "wonderful" world we call life. So she took a LONG well-needed walk with sophie one day after school and what does she stumble upon? An alley she'd never seen before! She saw a faint figure down it that looked kind of short. So she and sophie CHASED after it. "who really gives a shit anyway?" she thought as she ran. So, I guess you could say "alice found her rabbit hole!" Does she come back? What does she even find? and who was the short man?! read Nicole and Sophie in MCRland to find out ;) its sort of an alice and wonderland with a twist.... :D thanks for reading!!!!
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@DelightfulDetonator Maybe.. I am Harry Potter, I have his glasses XD <3 I dont think you need it... Gee loves you more than coffee <3
QUACK!!! Imma quack.... Upload upload *gets harry potter's wand* i will cast a spell on you *|HUG*
Yay! You're character will be in the book soon. And look out for when Sammy is introduced into the Borken Promise. That's when the real gore beginneth :D <3
My computers being a poo face. It won't let me dedicate my book to MCR or you :( I'm gonna try again later :D
Technolgy is a poo-face. AHHHAHHHH! Can't wait.! !! I hate technolgy and its pooey face and its... Well it's just a poo face :P
By the way, if I was in America and I saw people beating you up like that, I would totally get them!! They won't know what hit them, :D

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