Life As One Direction's Bodyguard

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RelentlessChaos By RelentlessChaos Updated 2 years ago
When Darcy Cambridge stirs up trouble with some of her father’s enemies, he decides to punish her by forcing her to be a bodyguard for a boy band. Not only does she have to watch over these boys, but she also has to protect them with her life. Who are these boys? Well, they are just five pop sensations named Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, and Zayn Malik. Along with having to protect five important lives, Darcy is also having to fight against one of the most powerful gangs to ever exist in order to save her family line. In this world, no one is safe. What more could possibly go wrong?
RawrImaDanisaurrrr RawrImaDanisaurrrr 2 months ago
John Jackson

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Jack       Johnson
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Nicole_1991 Nicole_1991 2 months ago
So let me get this straight. She beat up a bunch of bad guys and her punishment is to go live with and protect 5 of the hottest Irish/British guys ever?
DeJiaMarshall DeJiaMarshall 6 months ago
That's me when my friends go away, leave school early, or go somewhere for two seconds.
DeJiaMarshall DeJiaMarshall 6 months ago
You better not let the lads find that suit case, especially Louis and Harry.
ZokkerGirly11111 ZokkerGirly11111 a year ago
Darcy and Zayn sitting in a tree
First comes love 
Then comes marriage
And here comes Zayn with a baby carriege
nialllover145 nialllover145 a year ago
"why didnt you take our bags" louis said

"are you a girl" will said

"well the last time i checked i wasnt"

" ok then".