Reapers: Joannes Story

Joanne Smith is dying. There's a man - one that only she can see - that follows her. Joanne has cancer and is no longer responding to treatment. All that's left is to make her comfortable and wait for her to pass. But this man, doesn't want her to die. He has a fascination with her - one that's forbidden. Joanne thinks nothing of this; to her it's just a part of her imagination that her mind has projected to help her cope with her fate. Soon enough she realises that this man is in fact real and the reason why she can only see him. He's a reaper. Her reaper and she's fallen in love with him.
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That's never easy on family, no. :(
But hey, hottie to take her to the next place.
I'm really enjoying your writing so far hon. It was easy to picture it all in my head as I read :)
I really love the idea of this story and it sounds really good so far. I voted and will continue to read more. Great job hon!!
the description is really intresting and original :P im going to read more. i really liked this chapter :)
It's not the type of story that i would usually read, but this is interesting. It's a very unique plot and good luck with it. It has potential.
amazing I dont think i can find a thing wrong and the symptoms sound like what would come from cancer :D keep it up im waiting for the next upload!

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