Book Cover Makers

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Okay wonderful Wattpaders, “Book Cover Makers” is exactly as the title says: people who make covers for Wattpad story and this “story”/portfolio is full of their resumes. 

In order to get a book cover maker, please browse through the resumes until you find a cover maker right for you. Once you do, please fill out the form which can be found in the comments and then post. Once you do that, editorsUNITE will take it from there.

If you would like to be a cover maker then please fill out the form that can be found in the editorsUNITE newsletter as well as on our website. (both links are on the About Me)
Title: Once Upon A Time
Genre: Fantasy, Fairy Tale
Author: Blue_Rainbow94
Summary: The kids of the Disney story's (Or movies) come too life as their kids are in high school, and when the White's move to town, everything that happens in their stories come to life!
title : 'cause im too fab.
genre : romance , teen fiction 
author : rurupert08
characters : lee geum hee , park tae jun , park hyung seok and btob minhyuk 
font : anything you want 
summary : hindi lahat ng bagay makukuha mo. minsan kailangan mong paghirapan .
that's all thanks
Title:  Mission Impossible: Help him get her back!\
Genre: Teen Fiction, Romance
Author: Krissini
Characters: Nam Gyu Ri & Jung Woo ll
Theme: Happy 
title: Scandal
Author; Harianababes
Pic; Dark Harry Styles
Genre: Fanfiction
Summary: Sophia Matthews is an journalist, reporting on the Seattle Scandal.
title: The Nights Under the Eiffel
Author: burntunique
Pic: Paris street night with lights or Paris at night with the eiffel tower
Genre: Fiction
Summary: A girl going to a international school and meets tons of friends and boys. Experiences tons of new things.
title: I Wanna Be A threat!
Author: Le_lifestyle
Pic: Rachel Platten in cool black outfit/ girl running from cops/has to be in color
Genre: teen fiction
Summary: Good girl wants to join a group of rebels