Following Her Heart[lgbt]

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xXtrappedinmymindXx By xXtrappedinmymindXx Updated 2 years ago
Rune was raised to be a killer. A murderer. The place where she grew up, well, she wasn't the only one. There were a lot more than just her. And they were all experimented on, labeled as the Dominæ by the Improvers(the scientists that experimented on them). But she was like their baby. Special. But she's not alone. There are five others just as important as her. But she knows that one day she'll be ordered to do something horrible. Something even worse than anything she's ever had to do. That she will be pushed off of the edge. She knows this and the other five seem to know this two. So when she is put in charge of a certain mission and told to do something that she'd never imagined she'd ever have to do, will she be pushed off the edge? Because when she meets Aimee her whole life is changed. Amee is her mission. But will she reject her mission and not follow through? Will she run from the corporation that claims to own her? Will she follow her heart and do what she believes is right?

WARNING: this story contains some romance between two women. If you don't like that please don't read. Thank you.
sirvantgirl12 sirvantgirl12 2 years ago
This story is AWESOME!!! Plz update soon, cuz i can't wait to see what happens next.
Thx for the dedication :)
Im really enjoying this story, its very interesting
JOmilbyxxx JOmilbyxxx 3 years ago
woahh.. amiee is.... wow xD okay im gonna start reading now :P
JOmilbyxxx JOmilbyxxx 3 years ago
yeah.. lol.. ok well i'll still be waiting for the next chap :D uhm.. how does rune looks like? btw thanks for the dedication :)
JOmilbyxxx JOmilbyxxx 3 years ago
i just found this today and i must say.. this is worth reading.. it's interesting :D though im still a bit confuse about what's happening hopefully i'll get it as i read the future chapters.. keep up the good work and keep cant wait for the next chapter :)