The Wiccan Chosen One (The Sequel for A New Life)

Katheren Whitney doesn't think that her life can get any better, she is engaged to the love of her life, Daren Coventry, and she is coming to terms with her heritage. With the help of Daren and her grandmother, Katheren is learning how to be a witch. The Wiccan Chosen One is a witch who can channel the power and wisdom of the greatest witches of all time. This only happens every few hundred years, but with power, comes the curse. The Chosen One's life is destined to end alone and desolate. After an old enemy comes back, Katheren's life takes a turn for the worst. In an attempt to save the ones she loves, she runs away and tries to learn to control her infinite powers. Can she learn to control the very power that tries to control her or will the curse take over?
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Just wondering if you plan on finishing this book. I'm the first one was great & I'm liking this one so far.
love the story and hope you post the next chapter up soon! read the first story and couldn't wait to get in to this one too. 
this is getting good!! I need more. How about reveal to me, thee who is watching me. Either way, can't wait for more.
OMG!!! You are tooo cool. I was hoping you would continue the story line. I'm so excited for you. I look forward to all of your writings!!!
are you kidding me? you cannot leave it like that and i mean it! if you don't write any time soon i would die of curioucity.
hi i read your chapter and its really good! Keep writing. I was wondering if you could read my story trapped in an aliens body? it would mean alot
thx :)

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