Give Me a Chance

{discontinued but editing for the time being} Chance O'Callaghan has just recently discovered that he might be gay and not only that, but he's pretty sure he's "in love" with the nerdy kid Beau Ace. Unfortunately, with the rules of High School, someone like Chance aka a jock can't just be friends, or more than friends in Chance's case, with someone like Beau. So going against everything, Chance accidentally asks Beau to tutor him and surprisingly Beau agrees. But as friendly as Chance is to Beau, why is Beau acting so strangely? All Chance wants is for Beau to give him a shot and realize that not all jocks are douche bags and not all nerds need to be shy, quiet and boyfriend-less. Copyright © Gublers. All Rights Reserved.
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wow chance, you're just going to be with beau for the tutoring and now you're thinking of growing old together? talk about love man!
I like how it's the jock nervous this time instead of the nerd... it really makes the story unique from others like it
Summer and Daisy are so cool. I'd love to have sisters like them. (I'm an only child...)
Wow. This different to ILWMBM, but still very, very good. The characters are so...intense. Keep up the good work! (:
Aww! I love it! Thanks for the dedication! It seems like the fun is about to start! :P ahh upload asap? Thank you... *voted*
@NoahsJarOfHearts "I don't really like Nicole, and everyone knows it" but then they're best friends? lol.

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