Lasting Love (a Fred Weasley Fan Fiction)

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SusanChilkotowsky By SusanChilkotowsky Completed
Riley Wood is Oliver Wood's "little sister" or so that's what everyone at Hogwarts knows her as, however. Riley Wood is actually Samantha Riley Daxton, the daughter of Johnathan Daxton-a former death eater. Riley Wood is in love with a certain Fred Weasley who doesnt know who she really is, and for good measure. Follow Riley as she tries to hide the truth from a boy who would do anything for her.
XxitsmesarahxX XxitsmesarahxX 2 years ago
i wish i was good at your writing like you. my storys that are harry potter fan fictons are boring :-)
KaytlinLeighAnn KaytlinLeighAnn 2 years ago
Ahh! I love this story!!! You're doing a great job!
KaytlinLeighAnn KaytlinLeighAnn 2 years ago
For some reason I'm addicted to Fred and George stories so I'm positive that I will love this story too!(:
Slytherinwitch13 Slytherinwitch13 2 years ago
omg you're an amazing author! :) I'm so glad you read my stories!! This was an amazing start, love the weasley twins <3 what a great idea! going to read more soon!
Weaslyfreak03 Weaslyfreak03 2 years ago
Amazing beginning!:) totally started different then i thought it would:)!!!
AlwaysDramione AlwaysDramione 3 years ago
Aww the hand holding bit made me chuckle. I can imagine that clearly. Fred is so cute! I like how she's oliver's sister. That's a good idea:]