The Chronicles of Darkness- Book One: The Darkness Within

SAMPLE CHAPTERS ONLY- My name is Shawn and I am quite possibly the unluckiest person to have ever been born. After my big brother and best friend, Jimmy, died of a rare blood disorder I was left to fend for myself. When I was sixteen I ran to Seattle and found myself working for a crappy boss with a high heel fetish. Sadly, that wasn’t the worst part of my life. After getting stood up on a blind date, and having Mother Nature laugh at me in the form of a thunderstorm, I found myself staring evil right in the face….okay, evil doesn’t begin to describe the self absorbed creature known as Luka Avgust Belova-Revnik, but when my foot seemingly had a mind of its own and kicked the vampire in the balls, he attacked. I found myself waking up in a shallow grave because Luka was too lazy to bury me in more than eight inches of dirt. My feet, once again, seemingly having a mind of their own, took me home but home wasn’t where my things were or where my front door key would open, instead home was a church that the Belova-Revnik brothers called home. Facing death or an immortal life of the damned, I chose the easier of the two options: death. But death was the farthest thing I found.
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was unsure if i should buy it or not...but after this excerpt i'm definitely buying it!!!

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