Must Hate The PLAYBOY!

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"MUST DATE THE PLAYBOY" BOOK 2. (It is a must to read the Must Date The Playboy first before this.)

After all the LOVE.

After all the LIES.

What would you do when your EX comes back?

What could be Victoria Peige’s decision?

Let Zachary Anderson go? Or give him a second chance?
Second time reading! Warning: heartbreaking story! Prepare tissue and distractions!
how u gonna hate him when u love him....stupid girl... we go....
I read the first book when I didn't have Wattpad so couldn't exactly....share my feelings...
but now.....let's go...
my heart Is broken and has been shattered into millions of pieces...
Here we go again, I'm ready for another emotional roller coaster
huh I'm confused did u change the story and started at the Mexico part can u bring it  back on the leaving part only pls cause I did not read it...☺