Must Hate The PLAYBOY!

SEQUEL TO THE STORY "MUST DATE THE PLAYBOY" After all the LOVE. After all the LIES. What would you do when your EX comes back? What could be Victoria Peige’s decision? Let Zachary Anderson go? Or give him a second chance?
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grabe sobra na ung skit na nararamdaman ni tori wla nbang happy ending para sa kanila ni zach... 
sna maging maligaya na ulit clang dlawa
Chloe is a total bitch. she is probably the worst friend in the history of friends. -_-... 
i know right. i was constantly having heart attacks and crying a river while reading the book. im not even sure if ill be able to cope
the first book got me so tired. i dont think i still have the energy to keep reading -_-
bish, mind your own business or I will drop kick your ass to the middle of the Arctic Ocean.
Woah....... Slow down Tori. But I think this would be a key ingredient on this sequel. :)

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