My best friend raped me (BoyxBoy)

When he had to choose, between seeing his friend die or doing a dispicable thing, he chose the despicable thing, but how did it end up like this. Joakim knew it was the last time he probably would ever speak to him after this... NOW FINISHED 2013-06-19
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This is about your authors notes not your story, but you sound like Rico from Hannah Montana when you do the laughing thing. :D
Girl I am sorry for all the hate you are receiving you do not deserve it!!! You only deserve peopke telling you how talented you are ok?
@angelic_player13 Are you a homophobe? If yes then just don't read. Leave and get a life of love.and not hate
@bitches12345. It does makes sense. You don't need to be a genius to understand... But the again I guess some people cannot think at the same speed as others...
@xZadZiiex It is guy and guy. Two guys in love. Please do not tell me you are one of those "Burn gays at stake" christians. That is ridiculous.
if I see him, I'll try to send pics!! but... I might end up hoging them all...

(btw, I'm crying)

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