My best friend raped me (BoyxBoy)

When he had to choose, between seeing his friend die or doing a dispicable thing, he chose the despicable thing, but how did it end up like this. Joakim knew it was the last time he probably would ever speak to him after this... NOW FINISHED 2013-06-19
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Not being rude, SWEAR IT, but just for a little tiny correction for most of your "he's" they should be "his."
It's awesome to know some one else loves the song The Morricians Daughter. Just had to say that great story
oh my god damn bunch of retards on this BoyXBoy means Gay so yes its a Gay story if you're a homophone don't read it. LOVE THE STORY HUN
Your story confuses me.. I'm so lost right now plus it doesn't make any sense at all
how can you stop there!!!aha im dying to know what happens next well cant wait till the next update :3
ahhhhh!!! how could you just end it there?! i need to know what is going to happen! this is killing me here. please update soon. <3

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