Awesome ways to get kicked out of very random places.

This book is as the title says-duh-and is all about some very very very awesome ways to get you kicked out of some rather random places. This will be written by yours truly-moi-and XxmorgiexX my random watty prophecy buddy.
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lol too funny u should do how to get kicked out of an amusement park or circus or maybe even the movie theater
@emsie21 Aww. Well, everyone here goes to the same college so if you don't know eachother in highschool you'll know eachother in College XD xxxx
@emsie21 Yes! Mine too!:D:D There's only like, 3 high schools, 1 college, and 4 primary schoolsO_o so everyone knows everyone:') xxx
@emsie21 Yeah! I live like, and hour away from Tamworth :D I live in a town too but its really small O_o xxx
Haha!:D Thank you!:') They all made me laugh! XD And thanks for fanning moi! I really appreciate it!:D Hey, are you from England?:D xxx
That's hilarious! 
Do you think you could possibly do one for The London history museum? 

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