The Inkpop Murders

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HRJafael By HRJafael Updated a year ago
What if you found secret messages in stories 
throughout Inkpop? And what if those messages were 
clues that led you to solve some murders...? 
When H.R. Jafael finds a secret message in a story on Inkpop, 
that message will lead him on a quest with other "Inkpoppers" on 
a search to solve an international mystery. Slowly Inkpop begins 
asking where certain writers have gone off to. They have 
disappeared and it is unlike them to not respond back after a 
certain amount of time. As more and more writers are discovered 
to have gone missing, H.R. Jafael realizes that the secret 
messages embedded in many stories throughout the site are clues 
to what is really happening. They will help him along with others 
to find the truth. They must be able to piece together the clues, 
solve the puzzles, and rely on one another as they attempt to 
solve the "Inkpop Murders".
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