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MarcelineQuantum By MarcelineQuantum Updated 3 years ago
Fantasia is a world full of wonder and magic. It's people are of all races except for human. Some are gifted with the ability of Imaginatinon. Imagintion allows them to use a whole knew sense to creat things out of thin air. The person with the most powerful Imagination is their princess Stirling who has just turned eight. Her birthday falls on the festival of Inventioned which lasts a week. But on the first day and her birthday her queendom Kristal is under attack. Feeling through the Refelctors Stirling finds herself in a new world where everything she knew no longer exists. Will Stirling be able to keep her memories long enough to get home? Or will she run out of time and lose everyone she loves.
Wow, really good so far. Next chapter! Stirling sound like my sister, except she talks to pretty much anything- not just butterflies.
Stirling is totally adorable so good job in the description of her. a good story so far although fantasy is not my niche! oh and i noticed a typo of yours in prologue part 2 in charles line: shouldn't it be shall instead of shell?
I really like this so far! I absolutely love the images of the world you've created - they are very vivid and beautiful in their curious way! I'm adding this to my library and hope you update it soon! That's a great cover, and I also love the title, and the name Stirling :) Super interesting!
Im gettin the feelin that either the king or queen is gona die or get badly injured by the guy with tue dragon eye necklass.
The cover looks pritty sweet :D this story seems like it could get really interesting later on