Frozen Facades: a Jelsa fan fiction (a Jack Frost x Elsa fanfic)

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jagpaulino By jagpaulino Updated 9 months ago
A phenomena happened during Summer time. Eternal winter had taken over and the Guardians accused Jack Frost of causing this. To prove them wrong, Jack decided to find who set an eternal winter and he was determined to stop this. He wanted to prove himself innocent. He then, eventually found Elsa, who was the one who caused all the places to be frozen. Jack Frost became determined to know her more and to convince her to stop the winter. Will they be able to breakthrough the facades of each other? Will unlikely love bloom? Or will the coldness of their hearts take over and ruin everything?

A/N: DISCLAIMER: I don't own anything of the characters. And the picture I used is not mine. I only used it for my cover.
Flameowl Flameowl 7 days ago
this is already getting good, most jelsa fanfictions I see start out with Elsa, not jack. I like that
popupoppy popupoppy 6 months ago
@popupoppy I got that from Charlie and the chocolate factory on dury lane... if your not in England, you probs might not know what I'm talkin bout.
popupoppy popupoppy 6 months ago
everybody wants a piece of the action! everybody's taking bout juicy! Juicy beginning.
HenryIsVeryAwkward HenryIsVeryAwkward 7 months ago
< 3 I like this story so far. Your combining the two worlds really nicely. #Jelsa4ever
iamanawesometaco iamanawesometaco a year ago
I loved Jack's thinking, I hate the Guardians, and I basically an a small bundle of suppressed emotion right now.
SpagTroll SpagTroll a year ago

Your an amazing writer!!! DONT STOP.